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Buyer Checklist

Loan Programs to Suit your Needs

If you are planning to finance the purchase of your new home, your very first step is to find out what is available to you in terms of loan programs that best fit your unique needs, how much of a loan you will be able to obtain based upon your household income and expenses, the percentage of cash required for down payment and the additional money needed for closing costs, renovations, furnishings, etc. Under the Financing category below, you will find some reputable local lenders or perhaps you have a strong relationship with your own lender. Whomever you choose, this is your first step before beginning your search. Our Financing page is a good place to start.

Buyer’s Disclosure Form

Time Frame: Review, initial, sign and date upon your decision to work with Kent and Regan in finding your new home.
The Buyer’s Disclosure clarifies important information regulations and programs related to home ownership in Monroe County. It describes your relationship to your agent as a transaction broker (the default agency in Florida) or as a buyer’s or seller’s broker. It is chocked full of information to help the buyer understand the home buying process and much of what it entails. Download and review or print Buyer’s Disclosure Form

“AS IS” Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase

All contracts used by Truman & Co. are created by attorneys for Florida Realtors to ensure that all parties are treated equitably. Here is a copy of the Florida Realtors sale and purchase agreement for residential real estate. Please take your time reviewing and ask Kent and Regan any questions that arise. We are here to help make the home buying process as easy and painless as possible. Download and review or print Purchase Contract

Home Inspection

Time Frame:  Initiate immediately after property is under contract.  Inspection period is a fixed time stipulated in the contract (usually 10-15 days after the Effective Date of the contract).  Inspections, requests for repair, and/or contract cancellation must be completed within this time frame. 

Required for insurance:  4 Point Letter (covers Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, & A/C-Heat) and Mitigation Forms for Windstorm Insurance Discounts. 

Highly Recommended:   Full Home Inspection

May be Required (if full home inspection warrants further investigation):   Mold, Roofing, Wood-eating insects, Swimming Pool,  and/or any other inspection that may be necessary or desired.

Home Inspectors*:

              Latitude 24–Omar Fernandez  305-797-2671

              Associated Home Inspectors—Rick Gegorick 305-745-3411

              Island Life Inspections—Bob Branchau 305-912-4640  

Termite Inspectors*:

              Orkin                   305-294-2583

              Hammerhead      305-515-2800

Seller’s Disclosure Form

Time Frame: Review, initial, sign and date early in the inspection period.
To protect all parties, the Seller must complete, initial and sign the Seller’s Disclosure form. This multi-page form discloses everything that the seller knows about the house and that which conveys with the house. Obviously, the seller cannot disclose what they do not know, but by disclosing what they do know, any current issues can be addressed in the inspection and in negotiations and/or the buyer can accept the property “as is.” By signing the seller’s disclosure, the buyer is simply acknowledging that they have reviewed the document. Download and review or print Seller’s Disclosure


Time Frame:  Application is to be made immediately upon acceptance of offer.  The contract default is within 5 days.  A “strong” offer will be accompanied with a prequalification letter and funds verification for buyer’s cash responsibility.  Written loan commitment is due within the time frame per the terms of the contract. If you have not already, visit our Financing page.

South Atlantic Financial*—Jorge Rosabal 305-292-3232

Iberia Bank*—Heather Roberts 305-296-0016

Centennial Bank*—Dan Blagriff 305-304-6085

First State Bank*–Kurt Lewin 305-296-8535

Energy Efficiency Brochure and Lead Based Paint Pamphlet

As your Realtor, we are required by the purchase agreement to provide to you the Energy Efficiency Brochure and Lead Based Paint Pamphlet (if the home was built prior to 1978). Download and review or print the Energy Efficiency Brochure and the Lead Based Paint Pamphlet.

Insurance Agents

Time Frame:  Contact upon completion of inspection period.

United Atlantic Insurance*, 305-748-2134

Key West Insurance*, 305-294-1096

Porter Allen*, 305-294-2542

Questions for Insurance Agents:

What deductibles are available and what are the premiums for each?  (Some lenders set lower limits on the deductible)
What  credits are available for  windstorm insurance on the home?
Is there a current flood policy of this property that can be transferred at closing?
Is an Elevation Certificate recommended or necessary in order to get the discounted flood insurance rate?
What is the insured value of the home that the agent is quoting?

Surveyors & Elevation Certificates

Time Frame: Closing Agent should call for the survey upon completion of inspection period in order to ensure a timely closing. If a fairly recent survey is available, a new survey may not be required. Consult with closing agent and lender for requirements. If a previous survey is available, contacting the same surveyor may result in cost savings.

J Lynn O’Flynn, Inc.* 305-296-7422

Reese & White Land Surveying*, 305-872-1348

Island Surveying, Inc.*, 305-293-0466

Moving Companies

DRN Moving, Inc.*, 305-295-6683

Sunset Moving & Storage*, 305-398-4357

Tropical Movers*, 305-290-0560


Time Frame:  Contact after all contingencies are met and prior to closing. As a courtesy to the buyer, it is customary for the seller to extend utilities one day past closing so that there is a seamless transition for the buyer.

Electric:  Keys Energy Services*, 1001 James St. 305-295-1000

Solar:  Benson Green Technologies*, Jolly Benson, 305-296-3940

Water :  Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority*, 1100 Kennedy Dr. 305-296-2454

Cable Internet/TV/Phone Options :

                            Comcast*, 1010 Kennedy Dr. 888-220-6780

                            AT&T*, 1113 Key Plaza 305-296-5007

 Propane Options:

                            Suburban Propane*, 726 Catherine St., KW 305-296-2411

                            Amerigas*, 6301 3rd St., Stock Island 305-295-7724

                            Como Keys Gas*, 1109 Eaton Street, Key West 305-296-2848

Title/Closing Procedures

Ask closing agent for the method of forwarding funds. 

Get wiring instructions to forward funds to closing agent

Closing agent will order survey and elevation certificate if needed, which is customarily at the buyer’s expense

Review mortgage documents with lender

 Review HUD statement for accuracy

 Do a final walk-through of the property on the day of closing or as soon as possible

Have photo ID readily available at closing

Architects and Engineers

Time Frame:  as needed

Haven Burkee & David Salay of Bender & Associates*, 305-296-1347

William Rowan Architecture*, 305-296-3784 

M Stratton Architecture*, 305-923-9670

Rob Delaune Architect, PA*,  305-293-0364

Artibus Design*, 305-304-3512


Time Frame:  as needed

Bird Construction*—Rick Bird 305-296-4687

Holtkamp Construction*—Jordan Holtkamp 305-797-9339 or 305-294-5399

J J Fairbank Construction*—Jay Fairbank 305-292-6584

Furnishings and Accessories

Debra Butler Design Studio*, 305-393-2942

Half Buck Freddie’s*, 726 Caroline Street, 305-294-1304

Restaurant Store*, 1111 Eaton Street, 305-294-7994

Royal Furniture*, 3326 N Roosevelt Blvd, 305-204-5509

Your House History

Now that you have settled into your wonderful new home, let local historian, artist and long-time Key West resident, Sharon Wells, create your house history. Each Gingerbread Biography pulls together Wells’ expertise in history, archival research, art and architectural photography. Each individual commission, is exclusively compiled for the Homeowner. Combining historic & contemporary photographs, deeds, wills, maps and plats, genealogy, with archival research focused on one individual Historic House, Each Gingerbread Biography represents over 100 hours of work.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

The Pool Man*—Danny & Paulette Rezendes 305-240-1463

Aqua Doc*—Steve Prior 305-293-9200

Keys Pool Service*—305-731-4448

Landscape Maintenance

Kenny Weschler* –305-304-2886

Native Landscape Design*—Scott Montgomery 305-393-5028               

*We know these contractors and vendors to be reputable from our past experience; this does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises on our part for their future products or services. 

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